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The body of the army

Medium: oil on linen mounted on wood

25X30 c”m

“In this painting what appealed to me visually was the fact that the individuals were not facing us and that they were not even standing apart. They created a pattern and looked like one living organism. I created this painting a few years after my own military service. Like all Israeli citizens I was drafted at the age 18.

I didn’t like my service (I don’t think anyone does) but it was a pivotal point in my life, it influenced me greatly.

I think the weirdest aspect of serving in the military is the loss of one’s self. Suddenly you are no longer an individual you are a team, a part of a bigger system, you have no choices only commands to fulfil and the importance of the group overrules the individual. Somehow when I saw this scene of soldiers standing together, I found it so beautiful that they visually represented what I felt internally about the army.”

If you want this painting go to: 

The link in my profile.

It's not every day that an artist becomes a combat warrior in an elite unite of the army, but it's even rarerr to find one that becomes a painter,

Comment bellow if you too hold a brush in one hand and a sword in the other.

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