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Still life courses

Still life courses : Indoors activity

painting indoors is a good solution for wintry cold days, Chardin is a marvels Parisian painter that exampled the endless possibilities one can do with the ordinary objects of day to day life. 


In my studio we will be able to work at small intimate groups, work with natural light or electric, and work in the method of premier coup. Materials: pencils and sketch book are provided for free, for paint (an easel rags turpentine canvas brushes) and other painting gear an additive payment of 150 euros should be made (or you can bring your own painting gear).


1 - Courses on a daily rate for individuals

  • 1 day-5 hour art seminar : 175€ 

  • ​3 day's interactive art seminar : 495€

  • ​5 day's interactive art seminar : 860€

2 - interactive art seminar's for groups smaller than 3 people

( for groups bigger then 3 please contact me )


  • 3 hours artistic experience in the studio  : 210€

  • 5 hours artistic experience in the studio : 390€

  • 7 hours ​artistic experience in the studio : 490€

+Add a painting kit for 190 euros to any work shop by requesting it after purchasing the course\lesson\tour (by Email) the kit  – includes  an Easel, turpentine, brushes, paints, rags, and a few small painting surface's.


Courses on a daily rate for individuals