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Catching the light, Exhibition at Rothschild Fine art

Ladies and gentlemen I am proud and excited to invite you to my first solo exhibition with @rothschildfineart.


Catching the Light


Solo exhibition at Rothschild Fine Art

Opening: Thursday evening, July 2, 2020, at 8 p.m.


Rothschild Fine Art proudly presents Sam Rachamin’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Born in Jerusalem, Rachamin has been living in Paris for the past few years, where he has

been copying Old Masters paintings at the Louvre in a process of learning and assimilating

ancient painting techniques.

“Catching the Light” has a double meaning for the artist, as he attempts to capture the external light emanating from the sun which is so different in Israel, France, and Italy – his

favourite painting locations. Engaging in painting “enlightens” the artist’s life, imbuing him

with internal spiritual light. He compares the importance of the light in his painting to the

ability to listen to music. As sounds and noises have no meaning without this faculty,

painting is meaningless without light.

Some of the paintings engage in the activities of daily life, such as Teatime at the poolside,

a scene that took place during a workshop Rachamin taught in the south of France. The

the contrast between the direct sunlight and the darkness of the swimming pool surrounded by

heart-stopping scenery caused him to stop everything to paint a premier coup and capture

the moment. He subsequently used the direct painting as the basis for a large painting of

the same scene; both are being shown.

Jocasta’s overdose is a modern version of Jocasta’s story, the mother in the Oedipus myth,

focused on her tragedy and questioning her decisions.


Sam studied at the Jerusalem Studio School,

then painted independently in Motza before moving to Paris in 2015. In recent years, Rachamin was

awarded several prizes in Europe and his paintings were sold to private collectors around the world.

Closing: August 1, 2020.

Opening Thursday evening, July 2, 2020, from 8-10 p.m., as part of Tel Aviv Gallery Weekend.

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