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In the footsteps of painters : Outdoors activity

The name "city of lights" or "the enlightened" city originally referred to the large number of great minds poets and thinkers that lived in Paris.


Paris was rich not only with its intellectuals and poets but with artists and painters as well,

discover the trail these geniuses left behind them; from Jean Siméon Chardin to George Seurat painters from the impressionists , expressionist movement and even foreign painters like Thomas Eakins, Edwin Dickinson , Balthus and more.


visit the points where they created (or were inspired to create their paintings) and retrace the exact points from which they had constructed their master pieces, draw the scenes in the same places, visit the artists' studios and houses. Walking in the footsteps of painters is fun (for the painters among you painting there is even better).

Dates for courses for 2020

  • 4th of December 2019 – May 13th 2020 Available

  • May 25th - May29th 2020 Available

  • July 18th – Sept 24th Available

  • Oct 15th – 1st may 2021 Available


Not available

  • May 15th – May 24th (9 days)

  • May 30th - June 6th (7 days)

  • June 27th – July 6th (9 days)

  • July 9th – July 18th (9 days)

  • Sept 25th – Oct 3rd (8 days)

  • October 5th - 14th (9 days)


1 - Courses on a daily rate for individuals :

  • 1 day-5 hour  foot steps art seminar : 190 €

  • ​3 day's interactive foot steps art seminar : 520€

2 - Interactive art seminar's for groups smaller than 6 people :


  • 3 hours artistic experience in the foot steps of painters : 210€

  • 5 hours artistic experience in the foot steps of painters: 390€

  • 7 hours ​artistic experience in the foot steps of painters : 490€

If you would like to paint "in they're footsteps" tour you are welcome to purchase a painting kit (requesting by Email or bringing your own).

oil paint material kit  costs 150 euros – and includes  an Easel, turpentine, brushes, paints, rags, and a few small painting surface's.

Street Sketching


Courses on a daily rate for individuals