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Can you sell your paintings for a cheaper price ?

I created a comfortable payment system that allows to stretch out the payments on a longer period.

You can also sign up to my newsletter to receive special offers and discounts.

Do you accept commissioned projects ?

Yes, you are welcome to contact me by email for any portraits and other kinds of commissioned work.

Do you accept wholesale purchases from corporate art consultants and interior designers ?

Yes absolutely, you are welcome to contact me by email.

Do you rent or lease your art and what are your fees ?

If you would like to lease or rent my art, it is only under the condition that no harm will come to it and it be returned in the same state that it had left. The fee for renting a painting covers insurance delivery any other taxes and payments required by local or foreign governments. And an additional fee is charged for each 24 hours of absence of the painting absent from its original placement.

Do you accept visitors to your studio ?

Yes,if you are interested in buying my work or you are a gallery or museum representitive you are welcome to visit my studio by contacting me here. If you are coming to paris as a tourist and you would like to see real living french artists in paris you are welcome to bu y "In the Footsteps of Painters" seminars and expriences. the page living artist studio visit is currently under construction, but the price range is the same.

Do you help customers with the selection of frames for your artwork ?

In general, if the painting is to be sent by post, I suggest framing it after it has arrived at the client's house, since the price of the delivery will significantly increase with the weight and size of the package.

However, if the custumer prefers the painting to be framed, I can help selecting a matching frame.


In which language is the course available ?

English / Hebrew

How much time does it take to enter the museum ?

Normally it can take up to 30 minutes to enter the museum, the earlier the better. Contact me for express tickets that significantly decreases the waiting time.

Can I paint in the museum ?

No. To put it simply, it is usually forbidden to come to the museum with painting gear.

Only after passing some interviews and a commitee approval by the museum staff can the applicant begin to copy or paint inside the museum. For more information about this possibility please contact me.

Should I bring my own paintings and drawing material ?

You are welcome to bring your own painting materials however you can also rent a prepared kit for 150 euros. For sketching and drawing materials you are welcome to use my kits for free or bring your own.

But please notify me of your preferences.

What is the meeting place ?

Depending on the museum and type of tour, the meeting place will vary. If you are not sure what our meeting place is; please contact me.

In case my plans have changed, can I cancel or delay a course ?

In case of a change in your schedule, you can cancel (receive a full refund) or postpone your course for up to 7 working days before its scheduled start.

If you would like to postpone or change the date of the course, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance. If you don’t show up at the appointed time and haven’t notified me in time, there will be no reimbursement or refund.

Exceptions will be made in individual cases depending on the reason of their absences and on my own judgment.

Are the museum tickets included ?

Yes, museum tickets are included. However, if you want express tickets (to skip the lines), they costs an extra 5 euros per person. Please notify me if that is your wish.

Do children need tickets for the museum ?

For children under the age of 18, entrance to the Louvre, the Orsay, and the Rodin museums is free.

Is housing and lodging included ?

No accommodations are not included.

Can I divide my payments for courses ?

Yes, for courses above 800 euros, payment by installments is available .

Please click for more information about Museum in Paris

  1. The Louvre museum :

  2. The Orsay museum :

  3. The Rodin museum :

In case the art teacher is absent will I receive a refund ?

Normally this does not happen but in case I am sick or the metro gets stuck or any other abnormal situation occurs, the client will be entitled to reschedule a lessons/tour/course, if they prefer they can also have a full refund.


What are your payment terms ?

PIA (Payment In Advance) : in order to buy a piece of art or any other object from my online store, you are required to pay in advance.

Do you offer instalment payment plans ?

Yes, for pieces or objects costing more than 800 euros

What is your return policy ?

In case you are not satisfied with your artistic investment & purchase :

Return policy :

You have to return your acquisition in 30 calendar days or less from the day you have received it. To be eligible for a return, your Item must be in the original condition, packaging and protection in which you have received it.

Refunds :

Once I receive the item, I will notify you that I have received your returned item, and will inspect it. I will then inform you notify you on the status of your refund.

If your return is approved, I will initiate a refund to your credit card (or original method of payment). You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on your card issuers policies.

Shipping :

You will be responsible for paying for your shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund. Contact me if you have any questions on how to return your item

What shipping options do you offer ?

The shipping price Is included in the final price of the item, However if you would like an express delivery or an insured delivery beound the basic insuarence provided by the post, It is necessery for you to contact me by Email.

In how much time does the delivery arrive ?

Fonction du transporteur

If the originals prints & books get lost or damaged in the mail can I get a refund ?

Yes, all original art will be insured. If the Item (prints and books included) gets lost or damaged in the mail you will receive a full refund.

How to store the painting ?

On a dry and well-lit wall with no direct sunlight. Also avoid water, fire or any other extreme environment.

Why should I buy a painting ?

You could buy a painting because it is relevant to your own life in some way and/or because it inspires you. There are many reasons for buying an original piece of art, but the reasons I offer you to buy my art are as follows :

An investment- A long-lasting legacy for generations to come. The life span of a painting can last hundreds and even thousands of years. When you choose to acquire a painting by me it is an investment not only for you but for your family's inheritance and future generations.

Imagine this: had your ancestors bought a painting by Vincent van Gogh Picasso or Edgar Degas, you would have been enriched so much by their actions, Now it Is your chance to see the next promising painter and enrich your family.

Growth of value Art is one of the few investments whose value continuously increases.

The investment of the painter In order to become a doctor, it takes about 9 years to finish the necessary education. In order to become a combat pilot, it can take 12 years of our adult life and it can take more than 14 years to become a brain surgeon. I have been painting since I was born and I hope to continue to do so my whole life. I believe that it takes a life time to become a truly great painter like Titian, Velasquez, Vermeer, Poussin or several others. I aspire to be as great as these I have mentioned above.

Supporting the arts Culture and the creation of art: I believe painting and art are a universal language that all humans can be moved by and can communicate through. By supporting painting, you are supporting the creation & search for beauty in this world, thereby making this a more beautiful world where sensitive people prosper and creation is encouraged.

I believe it is a fortunate cycle that by participating in it helps us appreciate and preserve the world we inhabit.

My teacher used to say that painting is the first mark humans made and it is probably the last one we will make. Nothing is eternal, but art is one of the sure outlasting investments you could be part of Invest in beauty creation foryour future and mine.

I have created a comfortable payment system that allows to stretch out the payments for a longer period (so that everyone can afford my art).

You can also Sign up to my newsletter to receive special offers and discounts.

Can I divide single purchase into several payments ?

Yes. I have created a comfortable payment system that allows to stretch out the payments for a longer period and you can also sign up to my newsletter to receive special offers and discounts.