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Museum activity

Drawing and sketching the old masters : Museum activity

Discover and appreciate the beauty of art through drawing, reveal the museums around Paris with a painter.

Teach your mind how to see and explore Paris from a draftsman point of view, create your own souvenirs and memories. On my workshops you will have the opportunity to meet artists, the astonishing works of masters from the history of art, and travel through the museums of Paris.

art seminar experience in the museum

The objective is to copy the artists in a reduced scale or to copy a detail, just a piece of truth.
we will go to predetermined works of art and copy them together. Meet up in a museum of choice, Recommended hours are to meet daily at 09:00 a.m.

As we will be sketching in black and white, the teacher will circulate among participants, guiding the work, giving advice and tips as needed.

At 1:00 p.m. each day, participants will pause for a critique and discussion about the sketches.

materials: pencils and sketch books are provided


Hourly rate for a privet tour

for short tours choose the hourly rate, you don't have to sketch or draw, just follow my lead , and exprience the astonishing master pieces of Paris.

1 - Courses on a daily rate for individuals :

  • Hourly rate for a privet tour:  49€  (museum tickets not included)

  • 1 day-5 hour art seminar : 199€

  • ​3 day's interactive art seminar : 520€​

  • ​5 day's interactive art seminar : 860€

2 - Interactive art seminar's for groups smaller than 6 people :

  • hourly rate for a privet tour:   82€ + price of museum tickets

  • 3 hours artistic experience in the museum : 210€

  • 5 hours artistic experience in the museum : 390€

  • 7 hours artistic experience in the museum : 490€

sketching in the louvre with sam rachami


Courses on a daily rate for individual