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Easy on the eyes exhibition

As an Israeli painter, my artistic journey has taken me on a captivating odyssey across continents, and now, with great excitement, I invite you to experience my upcoming exhibition, "Easy on the Eyes." A few years ago, I made the life-altering decision to embark on a soul-stirring expedition from the Promised Land of Israel to the enchanting city of Paris. The Diaspora and its rich tapestry of cultures which has profoundly influenced my artistic expression.

In this exhibition, you will find an assortment of paintings inspired by my voyages and wanderings. Each stroke on the canvas reflects the essence of a beautiful scene or a fleeting moment in my life. My art serves as a personal response to the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us, a profound celebration of life's most serene and captivating instances.

Among the collection are artworks that draw from the lush landscapes of the Diaspora, where I immersed myself in the rich cultures of France, Italy, and Spain. The vibrant hues and the rhythmic symphony of these lands have seeped into my soul, infusing each painting with a spirit that transcends geographical boundaries.

The Promised Land of Israel, my beloved homeland, is ever-present in this exhibition. The  olive groves, the strong Israeli sun over the Mediterranean Sea, is contrasted by the soft Parisien light.

I find myself surprised by the visual reality in country’s other then the ones I grew up in and so this sense of surprise and owe is what guides me to paint.

I serch to paint unrecognized objects or forms  since I am looking for a composition that compels me.

I use to think that traveling to a new place will be easier for me to paint since I  have less preconceived ideas around  those kind of places. But the truth is even more complex...

Reality continuesly changes, It is a never ending marvel.

a phenomenon which forever leaves me astonished and curious about the pictorial visual world.

In my artistic journey, I sought to capture the tranquil harmony of Arcadia, a place of blissful serenity and unbridled joy. Arcadia is not just a distant dream but a reflection of the profound beauty that exists in our daily lives. Each painting is an ode to the delicate interplay of nature and human existence, a harmonious dance of colors.

At the heart of this exhibition lies the concept of "Easy on the Eyes." Every stroke, every color, and every composition is carefully orchestrated to embrace the underlying beauty that surrounds us. From the romantic city of Paris  to the Italian light in Rome,  and finally back home to the timeless landscapes of Israel, there is a common thread that binds these paintings—the celebration of inherent beauty.

The upcoming exhibition "Easy on the Eyes" will grace the prestigious halls of Rothschild Fine Art Gallery in Tel-Aviv, Israel. It is my sincerest hope that you will be moved by the resplendent allure of these paintings, that you will find solace and joy in their vibrant hues, and that they will awaken your own appreciation for the simple yet profound beauty that lies in the artistry of life.


Join me on this visual voyage, as we celebrate the magnificence of the “Diaspora”, cherish the Promised Land, and immerse ourselves in the timeless grace of Arcadia.

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