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Would You like to win a Prize?

Hello dear members,

I feel fortunate and grateful for all the support from family, friends, clients, Patrons, members of my website,other artists, and so I wanted to thank you and thought of a fun way to give back!

In the next few weeks, I will be conducting a lottery.

follow these instructions to participate and you might win a Painting/Portrait/drawing/ high-quality reproduction giclée print.

this could be a fun way to interact and meet new people who might like my work,

thank you and good luck to everyone participating in the lottery!!!

The prizes

1st Place a portrait of yourself or a loved one /landscape/Still life

The first-place winner can choose between an original landscape still life or a portrait of someone they dear to them.

2nd place will win an original painting .

3rd place will win an original drawing

4th place will win a high-quality reproduction giclée print of a painting

Here is what you need to do:

A. follow @sam-rachamin on Instagram and on FB

B. Like 5 paintings (or more)

C. Share 5 photos or more that you like from my feed to your story or to your feed and tag me

D. Comment on 5 of the posts that you like “count me in” and tag one friend!

E. And lastly send me a private message saying “count me in” that way I will know you want to participate in the lottery.

Do this before the 1st of February 2023 and the Winner will be announced on the 10th of February!

Good luck to all!!!

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