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Easy on the eyes

here are the videos from the gallery talk at Rothschild fine art:

If you haven't gone yet it's still open up untill the 14th of October.

The address Yehuda halevi 48 tel aviv Rothschild fine art gallery.

If you live abroad and still would like to see some of the works at the exhibition you can follow the link

Also here is a small text I wrote about why I paint from reality?

For many years I was imprisoned by my imagination due to some events in my life,

I always drew painted or scribbled things... but only when I started drawing and painting from reality did I feel liberated, I was liberated from the pre-conceived ideas, liberated from my mind and thoughts.

Freedom was a real physical/visceral experience and at last, I was in it, moreover, I had a language to communicate the beauty I had seen.

the language is called painting!

Thank you to all those who came to see the exhibition, to those who bought paintings, and thank you all for your compliments and kind words.

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