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Buy a master copy from a painter but not fake art!!

Painting is like music

or like a language…

at the beginning we have to copy in order to learn how to do something.

Through out the history we had been improving the inventions of our ancestors, but in order to improve on something you have to know how to make it yourself.

The renaissance masters copied the romans, the romans copied the Greek, the Greek copied the Egyptians, and so on.

when children learn piano they learn to play Bach or Mozart or Beethoven ,the same principle applies to plastic art also;

if you want to become a painter you need paint like the great painters that lived before you.

There is a famous phrase that argues the same idea;

“If you know where you came from you will know where you are going”

If we as a society do not value our past we are doomed to relive it, master copies, sketching after old masters, drawing great paintings, is all an act of “culturiazation”.

if we do not do so, we remain the primitive undeveloped homo-sapiens that haven’t invented the wheel yet.

I am aware that this might not sit right with contemporary concepts of art but I think that the philosopher Roger Scruton very beautifully describes the complex paradox of trying to achieve an original creation and by doing so creating something entirely banal .

In short what I am trying to say it is worth your wild to invest in the master copys that young artist like me create, as opposed to music the moment of achievement or creation of a master copy does not disintegrate in to thine air like the sound of a piano.

A master copy can outlive the original and several hundreds of years more then the life span of a human.

It enriches the artist and creates an homage to the master before him.

It is the closest you will ever get to having an original Nicolas poussin or Rapheal in your own living room (unless you are a millionaire).

Here is an example of a copy of the mona lisa done 100 years after the original painting, it was recently sold for 2.9 million dollars .

My copy of the La Baigneuse Valpinçon” after Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres was done 200 years later and is now available for sale ,

besides that I have a few other master copies that are also available contact me for more info about them.


I realize that there must be some kind of misconception that associates copying of art fake art and the criminals who try to fake a masterpiece and sell it as the original.

Obviously this is not the type of creation I encourage or support, I think the criminals who do such things create a lot of damage and problem for any real artist trying to make a living.

The type of master copying I am referring to is the type Manet did after Titian , or degas after Ingres ,

Bellini after Mantegna , or basically any honest attempt of an artist to learn from the masters he admires, and is honest about his attempt.

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