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"A lions head" for valentine's day

This is the secound time I'm using the services of Catawiki auction platform ,

The painting "a lions head" is going to Auction, buy your Valintine an original paiting to celebrate your love.

This brass or copper lion was attached to one of the doors of an antique piece of furniture, I have encountered it during my stay in the south of France while I was teaching plein air painting, we were staying in a chateaux from the 15th century, and this piece of furniture was inside the matriarch room.

As you can see he is holding in his mouth the handle with which it opens the door, I found this image very pleasing and rich in colour due the shininess of the metal and its chemical reaction with the atmosphere over time.

if you would like to bid on it here is the link .


If there are other paintings/Drawings/sketches/sculptures that interest you ,

you are welcome to make me an offer,

quick before they go to auction!

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