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Why beauty matters by Roger Scruton 

Updated: Feb 29

A great video that I agree with artisticly and philosophically from Sir Roger Scruton documentary Why beauty matters:

All art is absolutely useless,” wrote Oscar Wilde, who intended his remark as praise. For Wilde art already was a value higher than usefulness. People need useless things just as much, even more than, they need things with use. Just think of it…what is the use of love, or friendship, of worship? None whatsoever. And the same goes for beauty.” “This returns me to Oscar Wilde’s remark that all art is absolutely useless. Put usefulness first, and you lose it. Put beauty first, and what you do will be useful forever. It turns out, nothing is more useful than the useless.”

"Why beauty matters" is also an interesting choice of words for the title,

"We say what's a matter " when someone looks disturbed,or" as a matter of fact" but the "matter" is the physical manifestation of something in the external World that all already exists in the mind of the observer,or is it the other way around,

is it matter that exists and we become aware of it only at a certain stage, in any case since " matter" is the domain of the artist (paint/clay/sound) it is the artist that brings life to it.

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