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Van Gough's exhibition at the Tate Britain

I had the opportunity to see the van Gough exhibition in the Tate Britain and to be honest it was GREAT . I'm not a BIG admirer of his work for many reasons, but in this exhibition there where early works that I have never seen before, and the one I liked the most was "autumn landscape at dusk" 1885, I realized the painting was successful for many reasons, it's naturalistic depiction, the fact that van Gough tried to imitate John Everett Millais “chilli October”, and the last reason and not least important was the fact that Vincent loved strong saturated colours and he wasn't afraid to use it, but in this particular painting it seemed to work since the entire painting is quite dark and simplified, you couldn't see all the multiple noisy brush strokes that are so familiar and imperative to his work, on the other hand the sun which was the source of light, was depicted in rich red yellow and orange (as happens in nature). It was one of the first paintings by van Gough I have ever seen where nature and beauty seemed to coexist with his abilities and passion for painting. I realize this is our jobs as painters, to represent the beauty of this world, not only the madness and ugliness of it, since the world is already so abundant in retched things.

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