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Tony tollet painting prize

Dear painter friends, who would like to win 2000€?

So, first of all, I will have to ask you if you know who the painter Tony Tollet is?

If you don’t know don’t worry about it neither did I, he is one of those highly talented painters from the 19th in France, unfortunately, like so many other painters he is not mentioned in art history classes, his work is incredible, and you are welcome to look at his work at .

Nowadays there is an association in his name and if you remember I participated with Maxime Brut,@jeanphilippelardi , Paul Gufflet, @alexandre_clair__zingfried & @quentin.bourgeois18, fortunately, I have won the 1st place about a year ago, now is your chance to win the Internationale first place prize by following the link .

Good luck to all participants and may the best painter win.

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