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 “Abraham’s prophesy" oil on linen 81x82

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

“Abraham’s prophesy" oil on linen 81x82

This is the first commission painting I have ever made, it is also the first biblical painting I was asked to do, it is a painting of “Abraham’s prophesy”. Since the budget of the commission was limited, I based the mane figure in the foreground on a sketch of the sculpture of the boxer at rest (that I did a few years back in Rome). I usually stay away from narrative painting but was willing to try as long as the painting was appealing visually, It’s a painting of Abraham’s prophesy from the first testament Genesis 15:5, the Bible said that Abraham would have many descendants and that counting them would be like counting the stars. If now a days we consider Christianity Islam and other monotheistic Judaic religions and sects his offspring, the prophecy non the less came true. Abraham is not a direct descendent of Cain or Abel but is non the less their relative (following the logic of the bible) , their recessive gene has managed to make its way through to the modern population, We are as violent and greedy as Abrahams ancestor relatives , killing our brothers and sisters, in attempt to win acceptance. Be your beliefs as they may be, I have painted a painting that adheres to both science and religion depending on your own vision. #commission #oilpainting #samrachamin #oilpainting #Abraham #contemporaryrealism #realisticpainting #classicalrealism #thebible #artist #pleinair #artteacher #israeliartist #frenchartist #americanartist #internationalartist #studentofnature #Paris #france #samrachamin #beauty #painter #artist #fineart -


סאם רחמין

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