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Teach your mind how to see and explore Paris from a draftsman point of view, create your own souvenirs and memories.

On my workshops you will have the opportunity to meet artists, the astonishing works of masters from the history of art, travel through the museums of Paris, paint and draw where they once did.

Technical Information

You can book online 6 different types of workshops (museum tickets included to activity's done in the museum)

  1. Museum visit – drawing and sketching the old masters 

  2. In the footsteps of painters

  3. Still life courses 

  4. Model painting and drawing

  5. Outdoor painting

  6. Master copy (requires a long term visa in France)

+Add a painting kit for 150 euros to any work shop by requesting it after purchasing the course\lesson\tour (by Email) the kit  – and includes  an Easel, turpentine, brushes, paints, rags, and surface are included.


The booking system is divided to individual courses and groups, if your group exceeds 6 people or you would like more time then offered  or you prefer a tailor made course you are welcome to contact me. I also offer Copying and painting the old masters work shops, but this workshop requires a long term visa in France, and  other technicality's that you must except if you wish to paint in the museum in France for more information please contact me .


Dates for courses for 2020

  • 4th of December 2019 – May 13th 2020 Available

  • May 25th -May 29th 2020 Available

  • July 18th – Sept 24th Available

  • Oct 15th – 1st may 2021 Available

Not available

  • May 15th – May 24th (9 days)

  • May 30th - June 6th (7 days)

  • June 27th – July 6th (9 days)

  • July 9th – July 18th (9 days)

  • Sept 25th – Oct 3rd (8 days)

  • October 5th - 14th (9 days)

  • MUSEUM tour

    01/20 - 01/21

    the hourly rate, follow my lead , and experience the astonishing masterpieces in Paris, without getting lost waiting in line and  wasting time.

    01/20 - 01/21

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    01/20 - 01/21


    Drawing and sketching the old masters. ( ​​Museum tickets-are included )


    01/20 - 01/21

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    01/20 - 01/21

    In the footsteps of painters. Outdoor activity

    the city of lights originally meant the enlightened city, it came due to the large number of great minds poets and thinker's that lived in Paris.

    01/20 - 01/21

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    01/20 - 01/21

    Still life courses. 

    Painting indoors is a good solution for wintry cold days, Chardin is a marvels Parisian painter that exampled the endless possibilities one can do with the ordinary objects of day to day life. 

    in my studio we will be able to work at small intimate groups, work with natural light or electric, and work in the method of premier coup.

    01/20 - 01/21

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Courses Offers


    01/20 - 01/21

    Model painting and drawing. 

    The human body is one of the most complex organisms on earth and the most developed. From the ancient Assyrians to the Greeks Romans and throw-out history the human figure played a key role in the arts.

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    01/20 - 01/21

    Weather permitting (during the summer and spring mainly) we will paint and sketch outside in the streets of Paris.

    What better place to paint than the birthplace of expressionism and plain air painting ?! The urban scenes and the beautiful Parisian light has a uniqueness and is rich in color.

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    01/20 - 01/21

    This is the traditional way of learning art, by copying Old Masters paintings using traditional techniques and mediums, beginning with under-painting, grisaille tempera and oil techniques to acquire the secret skills and abilities of old masters directly from the genius of your choice. For example, we can copy works by Bellini, Tintoretto, Titian, Vermeer, Poussin, Ingres, Degas - or anyone else.

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