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Super hero complex

Toxic masculinity and raising of

children is the subject of this painting, the three main figures of the painting are all tragic all lost in their own way, and yet there is a certain harmony between them, the violence among the humans does not influence the beautiful nature around them.

The painting plays with the dynamics of family, the sexuality of the child and older figures around him, we beg the question is that his mother, is superman his father?

In any good Greek tragedy, there needs to be a dramatic end, the death of superman is as dramatic as it gets.

The dog in the painting symbolizes the reincarnation of superman, if superman would have existed he would have been bothered with all of humanity’s problems, essentially superman is the humans "little bitch" (pardon my french) ,and dog is god spelled backwords.

In this painting I am also referencing to many iconic cultural figures and paintings, from David and goliath to Artemisia Gentileschi’s (judith and Holofernes) and Nicolas Poussin (the death of narcissus).

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