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End of the year Auction

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

For the first time during the next few weeks you will be able to bid on my paintings,

Buy a gift for yourself or a loved one,

I will be posting (on social media and my shop) paintings that I've made in different parts of the world the holy land, france, and Italy

how it works:

You will be able to acquire these paintings immediately if you pay the FULL PRICE on my store ... Or ... you can make a proposal in a private message. 3 days later I will announce the winner to the new owner him/er/self, rather the first person who paid online the FULL PRICE. Or the Highest bidder. Another way to increase your chances is by( on social media) Liking =10€ Commenting=10€ Sharing= 10€ And if you do ALL 3 it is considered as 40€ Added value, (which increases your chances to get the painting) When making the proposal price please consider 1. My work, time, size, uniqueness and so on... 2. the fact that the painting is framed & ready to hang 3.& the delivery costs, Usually international delivery can cost around 50€ (starting price is no lower than 290€ delivery included) Let the Bidding begin 🎊🎉🎊🎈

it's called "A Delirious sky"

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