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oil on paper 21X22.8

this chocolate Easter bunny was bought a while ago and I have painted it a few times, I found it very beautiful at first,

and after I was done painting it I put it aside.

I forgot about it for a while in the pile of still life's until I realized that we have a mice problem in the studio where I work.

the chocolate became white and the aluminum foil looks like it exploded (since the mice tried to rip it off) and eat the chocolate,

suddenly it had a new odd auspicious look and it inspired me to paint it. 

My goal in painting is to force the observer in to believing that the painting is more real then reality itself.

still objects seem to be easier to paint then moving ones, but that is not the purpose of painting  for me (to represent objects) my main purposes of painting is to capture a moment in time, show beauty of every day objects ,to explore vision, and to give meaning to our ephemeral existence on earth.

last years easter bunny

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