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My main technique is painting from observation, I also use photography, mirrors, lenses and other optic tools to create my paintings.

the materials I employ can vary from graphite, charcoal, oil paint, ink, acrylics varnishes and many other materials to create a unique piece.

However, we do live in the 21st century & I wanted to take advantage of modern technology so I have come up with the "Contemporary hybrid":

what I do is I print high quality images of my paintings and then paint over it with all the materials listed above, it becomes a kind of hybrid reproduction.

This is a more affordable type of creation which retains a uniqueness but is also easy for me to create.

If you would like a variation of one of my paintings or a perfect copy of any of my paintings (Or even a copy after an “old master”):


1.Choose the size that is adequate for you and pay for it

A.15 x 15 cm 180 €

B.20 x 20 cm 210€

C.30 x 20 cm 285 €

D.40 x 30 cm 360 €

E.45 x 30 cm 490 €

F.40 x 40 cm 520 €

G.50 x 40 cm 595 €

H.70 x 55 630 €

I.80 x 40 cm 810€

K. 80 X 80 890€


2.Send me an email with the title of the painting you would like, & write down if you would like it copied or a variation of the same subject.


3.And then it will be up to me to start working on your new “master copy” .

Please consider that it might take up to a month or two depending on size and detail of the image.


Contemporary hybrid art (starts at15X15 cm)

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