Oil on linen 21X27 cm.

I don't know about you guys but when I see or discover for the first time a new species of animals I get excited, intrigued and full of awe.
Each life form on the planet expresses a different way of being, and a clue to our own complex and sophisticated existence, animals bewilder and inspire me.
The terrible thing about living nowadays is discovering wonderful animals that once lived and are now extinct.
With the 6th extinction going on, and while large masses of animals are going extinct it is reassuring to read rare articles about animals beating extinction like this little guy the "elephant shrew".
even though considered extinct for 50 years it had recently been re-discovered in the wild in Africa.
The concept of protecting biodiversity is a concept that resonates with me, and that I think is important for humanity as a whole to respect and protect.
If we make this planet unbearable for other species, very soon it will be unbearable for our species too, it is as if the human species is a very small branch on the animal species tree
And cutting down all the other species around us is as if we are cutting the very stem from which we grow.
It is important to protect the rare and different type of life existing on this planet no matter how small or how big.
This small elephant shrew showed us that he is stronger than his consequences.
I painted him as a homage to "nature taking back it's rights" and defeating extinction against all odds.

The elephant shrew a small large hero