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Oil on linen 60X30 cm,

from a poem about rivers in France:
"The rivers of France are ten score and twain,
But five are the names that we know:
The Marne, the Vesle, the Oureq and the Aisne,
And the Somme of the swampy flow"....
I've painted this painting of the canal de L'Ourcq at the Villette park in Paris during spring, it was pretty difficult to capture the shimmering reflection of the water, but I enjoyed it in the end.
I started the painting outside in front of the motive and continued it in my studio because I felt it had to have a higher sky, so I attached a new linen canvas to it on top.
(I had this igea from Antonio Garcia Lopez, Edgar Degas and many more painters)

Spring time in paris

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