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Oil on wood 39.5X46 c"m.

Picasso has painted his blue period after certain personal tragedies, I think the year 2020 was difficult to all humans, and I woudent be surprised if we all are now in a dark or “blue period” in our lives.My goal in painting is to force the observer in to believing that the painting is more real then reality itself.this painting was made by a collaboration with a professional still life constructor Daniel Forero who is a friend of mine , I have painted his objects and composition which reminded me of Mauritius Asher & Salvador Dali. I found it really interesting as a realistic painter to paint a surrealist composition.still objects seem to be easier to paint then moving ones, but that is not the purpose of painting (to represent objects) the main purposes of painting is to capture a moment in time, show beauty of every day objects ,to explore vision, and to give meaning to our ephemeral existence on earth.

Blue period

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