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Oil on linen 60x120 cm.

this is the story of the valley of the son  of Hinom  and where in biblical times human sacrifices was practiced by worshipers of the god Moloch, in the outskirts of old Jerusalem, just walking distance from where I grew up.
It is probably one of the places where the phrase "burning in hell" came from . I wanted to paint what a human sacrifice might have looked like, I chose female adolescents to represent the naive and innocence of children sacrificed. I also thought of echoing the history of art and historical paintings of saint Sebastian and Prometheus in the model's body positions and by adding the eagle.
These days the valley is a peaceful beautiful place to visit and walk around in, when I was there last time, I thought how absurd it is that in that beautiful landscape such horrible events had happened.

Sacrifice of the virgins at gie Ben hinom

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